David viral ad for Prometheus is super creepy

Uncanny valley time...

The David 8 is probably not the android for me. At least not if the second viral video for Prometheus is anything to go by. Having absolutely loved the TED Talks 2023 one from last month, the David 8 video is great but super creepy in my opinion.

And just the kind of thing I want to see before Prometheus touches down in June. You can watch the video below:

Did you know that I was once criticized by a tutor on my MA for including fictional advertising in a science fiction film script? Despite the fact that there was a whole history of SF films from Minority Reports to Starship Troopers using fake advertisements. The tutor didn’t see it as necessary, but I argued that it was essential for world building, just like we’ve now got with the fake Weyland Industries viral campaign, which is showing audiences (prior to the main film) that this world isn’t too dissimilar from our own.

Just so you know, I kept the ads in my script. My MA really didn’t “get” science fiction.

If you’re after some more great Prometheus viral pics of David, check out this article on Mashable.


One thought on “David viral ad for Prometheus is super creepy

  1. Thank you for sharing the video Madame Emily, I had no idea that they had come out with a new Prometheus video, until you posted this; I wondered if he was a robot after seeing the early trailers, now we know. 🙂

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