Pyro Hobbits 101

Image courtesy of Jefferey Turner

There’s been a few sessions of The One Ring since our triumphant rescue of a bunch of Dwarves that had gotten into trouble. Currently we’re on our way to the Eyrie where the really big Eagles live in order to deliver a jewel, but over the course of the last two sessions we’ve been dealing with a Goblin problem.

Tuesday night this week saw our Fellowship bring the Goblins to their knees.

But why does the title mention “Pyro Hobbits”? It’s to do with my battle tactics. To cut a long story short, the group ended up defending an injured giant eagle, along with about fifteen Elves, from a horde of Goblins while holed up in a crumbling temple on the edge of a cliff on the outskirts of Mirkwood.

The session prior to this week, saw us acquire some flammable pitch. And we discovered that there was a secret passage from the temple ruins to near the back of the battlefield (there was a clearing between the temple and Mirkwood).

The battle wasn’t going against the group, but also wasn’t favourable and when a siege crossbow turned up to rip down the huge iron gates of the temple, Flora (Fiona’s Dwarf) and Esme (my Hobbit) used the secret tunnel to get to the crossbow. As it was being prepared to be fired for a second time, FIora figured out which bit of the crossbow to smash up to render it useless and Esme sneaked around, poring pitch into the boots of the surrounding enemies.

When Flora began smashing up the crossbow, the Goblins were too shocked to do anything and just as they needed to escape back into the tunnel – Esme set fire to them. Of course this didn’t go unnoticed as Flora and Esme pegged it back to the tunnel, with arrows being shot at them and a new group of Goblins trying to follow.

So Esme poured the rest of the pitch behind her as Flora and she sprinted the length of the tunnel. The Goblins who ran after them didn’t know what hit them when, upon exiting the tunnel, Esme lit a match and through it into the tunnel mouth.

Apparently smoked Goblin doesn’t smell very nice.


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