I have started yet another Tumblr blog, I am addicted

What have I done?

Yep, I’m now officially addicted to starting up random Tumblr blogs on a whim. First it was Unflattering Pause Screens then Shit Gamers Say and now I take boring photos – while still maintaining I queue for tea, my original one.

I only started up Shit Gamers Say last week for pity’s sake. Maybe I have a serious problem where I now react to anything that annoys me by creating a new Tumblr blog in relation to the annoyance. After all, this latest one is a reaction to my dissatisfaction with Instagram, as I detailed yesterday.

What’s the point in I take boring photos? Parodying the usual stuff that’s associated with Instagram, which I admit I was already kind of doing, just without the huge social aspect. But this time round, I’m going to make the photos even more mundane.

You know, I could have been playing Final Fantasy VII in my lunch break instead of doing this… agh.


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