Don’t worry iPhone users, I won’t be using Instagram anytime soon


I mean, I would actually like to give Instagram a go, see why it might be worth $1 billion to Facebook… but I can’t. So don’t worry, you won’t have pictures like the above, from me, bothering you anytime soon on your social photographic network.

But this really isn’t by choice on my part. Depart release notes for the Android version saying it’ll work with the 2.2 OS, device fragmentation means that this doesn’t mean sweet f-all.

Spend some time looking up on how compatible Instagram is with 2.2 devices and you’ll find a lot of displeased Android owners, with quite popular 2.2 devices (from the Samsung Galaxy to HTC Wildfire) who can’t use the app. And considering how large the install base for 2.2 is, this means there’s probably hundreds of thousands of Android users who won’t be running to the Instagram service.

If you note a hint of bitterness in this post, it’s due to two things:

1. My phone is a 2.2 Droid that the app is incompatible with.
2. The reaction of iPhone users to the app becoming available on Android.

It’s not that I particularly wanted to join the network. Just wanted to give it a whirl. But I won’t be anytime soon, ’cause even if I upgrade my phone, I don’t fancy sharing a social network with a load of snobs.

I also own a real camera and PhotoShop, which could be my own snobbish attitudes kicking in… at the back of my head I can hear a voice going, “Smartphones aren’t real cameras. Instagram isn’t PhotoShop.” Then of course missing the point of Instagram entirely, well it’s not like Yahoo are doing anything with Flickr.

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