I started another Tumblr: S**t Gamers Say

Avatar for the site.

Here’s the thing: trolling has existed online for quite a while. In fact, I don’t remember a day where – when I’ve been checking things out online – I haven’t seen an outrageous comment. Seeing as how it’s sometimes hard to tell whether a comment is genuine or trolling, I ended up creating this new Tumblr due to my own bafflement. Please excuse the odd swear word which may appear in the following text…

Shit Gamers Say is to slowly become a repository for some of the dodgy, gaming related comments myself and others find online or elsewhere in the real world. In the past day I’ve cued up a corker of a selection to keep people bemused, baffled and probably concerned over the next seven days.

The main formats I’m using for it on Tumblr are Quotes and Chat, it depends on how many people enter into the conversation I’m covering. I may also occasionally use Storify if the conversation takes place across several formats.

One thing I aim to do with the posts to this new Tumblr and with submissions, is I plan not to judge outright what is being said. There’s no snide comments from me lurking in the wings, it is up to readers to decide what they think of the words – and sometimes actions – of those featured.

However, one thing it may point towards is this:

Gaming deserves a better class of gamer.


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