Why would I want a pink pen pot?


I like to try and keep my desk at work as tidy as possible. Realising during last week that I had a pen, pencil and highlighter explosion beginning on my desk I decided to take action: buying a pen pot.

Upon Saturday morning, after having my hair returned to my favoured Ramona stylings at my local hairdressers, I went to the WH Smiths in Truro. It was just a typical office supply shopping trip, I knew what I wanted.

But not being the kind of person who regularly visits their local Smiths for office supplies… I hadn’t a clue as to where to find the pen pots. And as with any retail situation where a customer knows not where what they seek is, I decided to enlist the help of a member of the store’s staff.

The young male member of staff I chanced upon first was most prompt in assisting in my pot quest. Having quickly located the store’s pen pot supply, the young gentleman – without prompting – launched into a show and tell of the various pots available. There were four different designs.

There were four different colours.”We’ve got this black mesh one, a grey one, a clear one and this,” he pulled the final pot design off the shelf for emphasis, “a pink one.” That final part was said with a distinct note of satisfaction in his voice.

I said “thank you” and swiftly picked up the black mesh pot and headed for the tills, leaving the young customer assistant to ponder my decisive actions. I paid and left.

I can count the number of pink items I own on one hand…

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One thought on “Why would I want a pink pen pot?

  1. I am not a fan of the color pink either, a cultural bias ingrained/brain washed in me as a kid maybe, and/or I just do not like that color. 😉

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