Why do people insist on driving badly?

(Rant alert…) Yesterday, in the late morning, Paul’s Dad was driving us back home, when an idiot in a brand new, blue, BMW overtook traffic on the other side of the road. Now, this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact that there was torrential rain and a load of surface water on the road.

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The Journal system in Mass Effect 3 is useless

So much to like, but...

I’m now about half-way through my play of Mass Effect 3 and while I hope to finish playing it this week, there is one thing that is really, really beginning to frustrate me. The Journal system in this iteration of the franchise is useless for tracking progress in priority and main missions.

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Graphics are not the be all and end all of games

Two of my favourite games and not breath taking graphics by today's standards.

The whole graphics in games argument kicked off again recently if you haven’t noticed. I first noticed this re-ignition when Pete Davison over on I’m Not Doctor Who wrote a post on a particular opinion piece that surfaced on GameInformer recently.

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Cornwall Graphic Novel Group touches down – plans for the future

It took me two days, but I got there in the end.

Earlier this week I decided that I wanted to put together a website on the cheap for the graphic novel group. Knowing that WordPress charges for the use of custom URLs if you try to do it through wordpress.com, I instead went to Tumblr, who don’t currently charge. The image you see above is my effort of putting the new Cornwall Graphic Novel Group website together on Tumblr and it cost me less than £25 in the end. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is actually good, colour me surprised

I didn't want multiplayer in the series in the first place.

How times change. Having previously proclaimed a great level of wariness in approaching Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, this past weekend found me more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I was impressed to a degree I wasn’t even expecting.

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