Notes on replaying Mass Effect 2, part 2 – making those tough choices

Oh Normandy...

In between bouts of illness, last night saw me finally complete by replay of Mass Effect 2. Now, if you haven’t played the game before and really, really don’t want any spoilers then may I suggest reading this post about the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group who’s next meeting is this coming Saturday. Beyond this point there probably will be spoilers of some degree.

Last week I wrote about how I had been struggling with what to do about the Arrival DLC. Having completed it the once, I went back to a previous save and ignored it for a while, feeling quite the discontent with how it played out. I tend not to like civilians getting killed and there was a lot of that by the end.

However, after talking to a few peeps, I decided to go through the DLC again and stick with the consequences. Another set of consequences I decided to live with was my choices at the end of the game. First off, I managed to get all the characters out of the encounter with the Collector’s base alive and okay.

Tips for keeping everyone alive:

  1. Recruit everyone available and have them loyal to you.
  2. Make sure you have high enough Paragon or Renegade to settle the dispute between Miranda and Jack, as well as Tali and Legion.
  3. Get the eight upgrades available for the Normandy.
  4. Have Miranda as the leader for the secondary group in all instances, (Garrus may work here, but I haven’t tried).
  5. Have Legion go into the ducts.
  6. Have Mordin escort the crew back to the ship.
  7. Have Samara be responsible for the biotic shielding part.

What I did different in this replay, however, was deciding to not utterly destroy the base when I had the chance. On previous playthroughs I’d gone for what appeared to be the Paragon option, that of destroying it all. This time round, I went for what appeared to be a more Renegade choice – that of deciding to keep the base, but to destroy the Collectors on there.

I have no idea how that’s going to affect my Mass Effect 3 playthrough, which I’ll probably be starting sometime soon. It’ll be interesting to see first hand why so many people are peeved at the endings…


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