Someone explained the New 52 to me this weekend and I almost cried

Why, oh why...?

Saturday evening found me sat on the floor of a student flat in Plymouth. Having spent the day chilling with two of my most favourite people in the world, plus going to the geekiest stores that Plymouth had to offer, the three of us had retired to a friend’s place. Another acquiantance would be popping by later and I was dared to ask him just what was going on with DC’s the New 52 comics that launched lat last year.

I had not been prepared for the tale of horror that would follow. Note: I haven’t read any of the New 52 yet.

It’s hard to explain what has happened to the continuity of the DCnU. While Batman and Green Lantern seem to be observing that some events did occur in the previous iterations of the characters, there’s plenty that isn’t being observed. Plus most series have been completely reset and don’t follow the same pre-New 52 timelines that Green Lantern and Batman do.

Confused? I was on Saturday night. Some of the biggest continuity changes means that none of the three crises ever happened. But then the Blackest Night did happen… Overall, the mixture of continuity events that did or did not happen prior to the New 52 revolve around whether they’re events that happened in this apparent five year period that super heroes have been in the new DC universe.

And a lot of the kept continuity, as my pained friend explained to me on Sat, appears to come from choosing to stick to story arcs that have sold well in recent years. And that wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for fact that you’ve got characters doing things that they could only do had certain events have previously happened… but many of these events haven’t happened. But Flashpoint did happen and is in part what created this new DC universe.

Essentially, the continuity for the entire DC universe has been fudged and I spent a good part of Saturday night trying not to cry and wondering why they didn’t just do a flat-out reset.


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