The lament over Western Greyhound

Yesterday once again saw my journey to work almost completely foiled by local bus company Western Greyhound. I say almost, because the bus after the one I was meant to be catching did turn up.

However, in order to accommodate for the half hour later arrival at work, it meant I had half-an-hour less of my lunch break. I would be able to stay half-an-hour later at work if it weren’t for the fact that I need to get a lift home once I get back into Truro, as the last reasonable WG bus has left by then.

I don’t like messing up my lift’s schedule.

Yet more annoying than the bus not turning up once and a while is the amount of times its late during the week. Due to having to get straight to Truro train station after I get in, I need enough time to walk up Station Hill so that I may catch my train on time.

This bus is the first one of the day on its route and is on the roads well before rush hour. It hardly ever has a decent excuse for being late, with adverse weather conditions being something of a rarity.

According to the driver of the bus I did catch yesterday morning, the first bus had broken down…

I saw the changes Western Greyhound is making to its route provisions earlier this week and come April 1st there will be a lot less routes run by the company as Council subsidies end.

Considering the old buses and poor delivery of the service, I’ve always been surprised that it was allowed tax payers’ money. As other than covering routes, the guy behind Greyhound has never visibly reinvested money into improving the company.

The fare increases that WG have pushed out over the pass year have also left me questioning just what the hell I’m paying for. It’s certainly not reliability and convenience.

It’s all so similar to how things were with Truronian when that bus company still existed. (They were bought and swallowed by First some years back.)

What I’m trying to say is this:

Cornwall deserves a better class of bus operator.

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One thought on “The lament over Western Greyhound

  1. That is sad to hear Mrs. Emily 😦 , I doubt this will work, but maybe you can file some complaints & suggestions to the company & local government & national government in your area. 😉

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