Notes on replaying Mass Effect 2, part 1 – tough choices in Arrival


There will be spoilers in this post. Best I tell you now. So, if you haven’t played all of Mass Effect 2 and don’t want to know about stuff that happens in it, then please stop reading now.

And so, continuing on from my post last week about replaying Mass Effect, I’ve decided to update you all on how the replay of the second game is going. Yesterday marked a huge turning point for me, after taking on The Arrival download content assignment.

While this may be a replay, there are some pieces of DLC that I had yet to play through. The Arrival and Lair of the Shadow Broker are the ones that I hadn’t tackled yet. And while I was unperturbed by the ending of Shadow Broker, Arrival gave me a great deal to think about.

I couldn’t handle what happens to the Batarian colony that’s involved in Arrival. Couldn’t handle killing all 300,000+ colonists. So I did the one thing I haven’t done in a game for ages – I went back to a previous save file and continued playing the game.

And I’m questioning my choice of doing this. With what limited information I know of Mass Effect 3, which I’ll be playing for the first time after this replay, I can see how getting through Arrival could potentially fudge over your character in the third game.

Yet my Shepard doesn’t know this… so I’m now debating if I should do the assignment before starting the final game.



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