Notes from replaying the first Mass Effect

Oh Ashley, how I have never let you survive.

Over the end of last week, I went through a really quick replay through of the first Mass Effect. I mean quick, as in it took me only just over twenty hours.

All this is in preparation for playing Mass Effect 3, which I managed to get the N7 Edition of. Anyway, how come it only took me just over twenty hours? I decided to go with one of the characters I’d completed the first game with before and set the difficulty to casual.

Now, this replay, where I was making mainly Paragon choices had two elements uncompleted by me – one was by choice the other was down to an unfortunate glitch. First off – I couldn’t be bothered to help that gambling cheat guy at Flux. Secondly – I couldn’t activate the Prothean ruin with the weird water sphere, because even though I had completed the quest where you get the trinket to activate the ruin… I apparently didn’t get the trinket.

Even though it looked I had managed to get it in the quest notes.

I only discovered this just before the Citadel lock down section, which was nearing those twenty hours. I really, really couldn’t be bothered to replay the entire game again after spending a whole weekend plugging away at it.

But how do you avoid this unfortunate situation involving the trinket you get from the Asari Consort Sha’ira? Deal with Septimus and Xeltan before reporting back to the Consort, will apparently stop this from happening. I suggest making a separate save file before starting the Consort quests and going to Eletania, a planet in the Hercules system, as soon as you can in order to check that you can activate the ruins.

Beyond that problem, I quite enjoyed my replay of it. I’m suspecting that my replay of Mass Effect 2 is going to take longer though, especially with getting through all the DLC that came out for it.


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