Failing to find the interest in Pinterest


My boss helpfully sent me an invite to Pinterest earlier today. I wasn’t expecting much and I’m now really failing to see how it brings in anything new to social media/blogging. It’s just not that interesting.

Disclaimer: the author is well aware of the cheese factor for this post’s title and would like to say that she doesn’t apologise in the least for it.

So, you can collect stuff together… in collections… wait, like the way categories and tags do on older blogging mediums? But you can see what other people are doing in their little corners… like in Tumblr when stuff is tagged properly. Yet this time we’ve just got images, rather than a variety of mediums (like Tumblr, WP, Blogger, etc manages to pull off), but still the same potential for copyright infringement. Okay, so you get to play janitor to your own collection/s… but they’re just categories like the ones you can make up on something like a WordPress style blog.

Yet unlike previously existing platforms, this one currently has less customisation. No funky backgrounds, or alterable templates.

So far, I’m finding it like a cross between Tumblr and Twitter (there’s a character limit for comments), but without the fun of either or functionality and I don’t think that has anything to do with its limited community size at the moment. Hmmmm…

In a way, I think the only reason it’s had so much interest this past month is because it could quite possibly appeal to older demographics. Ones that aren’t so concerned with staking out their own space through personalisation and customisation.

Like I said, this whole category-pinboard thing it’s got going on isn’t innovative. It’s been happening on other social platforms for years..

Alright, there’s one thing it does that’s a little new: being able to associate your collections with broad categories from across the whole site. So, I’ve now got a collection called “All things Potter”, which I’ve shared under Geek… but if you used a tagging system in something like WP or Tumblr you could still find all things to do with Harry Potter.

Yeah, really failing to find any true interest in this new platform. But hey, if it gets hyped enough it’ll take off.

Anyway, if you want to check me out, I can be found via ek6891, where I will continue to irregularly post at least for a while.


One thought on “Failing to find the interest in Pinterest

  1. I see nothing wrong with your title at all, anyway, I heard about Pinterest a few weeks ago but I did not bother really looking into it; thank you for sharing your thoughts on it Mrs. Emily. 🙂

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