Dwarf scholars can kill marsh trolls – true story

We've been using LEGO figurines for character depiction, hence a LEGO troll...

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Paul and I had a joined a new games’ night playing The One Ring. Tuesday saw us go back for a second evening of Tolkien inspired adventuring and we experienced some pretty amazing things – like Flora the Dwarf scholar stabbing a marsh Troll to death.

Okay, so the Troll had already received a hefty axe wound to its side and was just generally pissed off when our party finally encountered it… but this was our first combat moment and it went pretty well.

While I only managed to it in the eye once with an arrow, and Ragnacar and Roderick took a real beating from the brute, it was Flora who did the most damage. Having fallen off our boat and into the river we were traversing when the troll appeared, she managed to stab it in the leg without it noticing her and then climb up its body and continue to stab it in the face… still without it noticing her. The lack of attention paid to Flora was mainly down to the rest of us on the riverbank trying to give it what-for.

Once the battle was over, my Hobbit – Esmeralda – managed to deeply insult a bunch of wood elves that had been following us. Later on, I only managed to make up for this courtesy roll fail by singing an awesome song about cider in order to lift the party’s spirits while being forced to camp in Mirkwood.

Mmmmmmm, cider.


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