Finally started playing Portal 2

Better late than never.

Almost a year since its release, I have finally begun playing Valve’s Portal 2. Having made a third of the way through the single player yesterday afternoon, my sudden “urge” to play this was spurred on by the simplest of things: not knowing what the hell to do on a Sunday afternoon.

My morning had been spent filming the first proper episode of BeefJack’s Button Bashers. As we were packing up all of our kit, Paul asked me what I was going to do when we got back to his parents’ place. While I could have continued on Final Fantasy VII, I wanted to play something on my laptop and I realised that I hadn’t played Portal 2 yet, which I was gifted months ago on Steam.

I have recently replayed the first game, so all that had transpired there was still fresh in my mind. But what do I think of the sequel so far?

Currently I’m not sure what to think. While I know full well that this is a puzzle game, I couldn’t escape a feeling of resentment as each new testing room was presented to me. While it is written into the story as to how this makes sense, if the character was truly me, I would have been finding ways to crack panels apart by now or getting out of the main areas of the testing facility altogether.

Unsure if I’ll be coming back to the game this week. I’ve realised that I’ve got several of the Mass Effect 2 DLC missions still to play through on my main save file before Mass Effect 3 arrives.


One thought on “Finally started playing Portal 2

  1. I never played any of the Portal games yet, I need to play one of them one day. 😉

    I did beat Mass Effect 1 & 2 & played some of the demo for Mass Effect 3, but I never did beat or get all of the DLCs for Mass Effect 1 or 2 yet.

    Thank you for sharing this Mrs. Emily. 🙂

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