Weyland Industries viral TED Talk video for Prometheus is awesome

Getting viral on Prometheus, eh?

First off, I want to say that the video I’ve seen today, released earlier this week, on TED talks was a thing of magnificence. The video: Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world is amazing and a great way to wet appetites for Ridley Soctt’s upcoming prequel to the Aliens film franchise – Prometheus.

I normally watch the more non-fiction TED talks when I do have a peek at them, but the fact that Scott, along with  Damon Lindelof and Luke Scott (who directed) have put together a “fictional” talk that speaks well to our own reality speaks volumes of their collective story telling ability. Volumes.

In case you don’t know: in the Aliens universe, Peter Weyland is the main originator of cyborgs, along with his company. The fictional TED talk he gives here is about the advancement of humanity’s technological capabilities over the millenia and how it leads up to the creation of his company’s androids. Androids like the ones that heavily featured in several of the Aliens films.

Apart from the resonance with our own technological development, this short film has essentially made me far more interested in the upcoming release of Prometheus later this year. I have a genuine fondness for the film series and had previously not been interested in this prequel, but if the quality of acting and artistic vision demonstrated in this viral video talk is anything to go by, then fans will have nothing to worry about.

I hope the talk is featured in the film…

That reminds me, Last Exit to Nowhere have got some fab Weyland Industries t-shirts…

Updated on 17/03/2012, replacing word “cyborg” with “android”.


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