My return to Skyrim may happen sooner than expected

Last night saw me helping Paul to capture gameplay footage for the next episode of BeefJack’s Button Bashers. The games tackled included Tekken 6Final Fantasy XIII-2 and… Skyrim.

As I said a few weeks ago, the 1.4 patch had done nothing to help my predicament in regards to the multitude of bugs and glitches I had faced in the game. And when I booted it up and went to my last save file, I still couldn’t open the door featured in the above image.

Not exactly gripping footage for a videogame magazine show. And so I trawled through a buttload of save files and finally came across one that wasn’t too far back from when I first entered the ruins of Valthume that made up the Evil in Waiting quest. I went through the quest, whilst recording my play, minimizing the amount of time I spent exploring (as Paul didn’t want too much footage) and just concentrated on the quest items.

Finally I met my old nemesis – the Iron Claw door. As I picked up the claw and checked the patterns I thought, “The rings won’t turn, the rings won’t turn…” but when I went to activate them… they turned. I almost cried.

I completed the quest in record time, but because of having to avoid extended exploring due to the recording that was taking place, I still need to replicate about twenty minutes of exploring and item hunting. Which I will get round to eventually.

However, due to all the problems I’ve had with Skyrim, I’m not keen to go back to it. I’ve still yet to take on the Thieves Guild quests or The Dark Brotherhood and for both of those I’d be inclined to start a new character.

For now, I’m going to stick to completing Final Fantasy XIII-2Final Fantasy VII and maybe giving Dark Souls another go. Skyrim and the rest of its bugs can wait.


3 thoughts on “My return to Skyrim may happen sooner than expected

  1. I’ve done pretty much everything (barring miscellaneous quests) other than the Thieves’ Guild quests. The Dark Brotherhood quests are great fun and definitely worth going back for – it helps that the assassins are also by far the coolest characters in the game. You don’t really have to start a new character, unless you care about consistency in your character’s bio.

    • Well done Mr. Matthew, I beat the Thieves Guild quests, but I sold my Thieves Guild Armor, and so I was never able to upgrade to the better Thieves Guild Armor. 😦 😀

      I also destroyed The Dark Brotherhood, so I did not get to do their quests, but I hope to do their quests when ever I start playing the PC version one day. 😉

  2. I have Skyrim on PC now, to help get around glitches with console commands and because I played Morrowind & Oblivion on PC, but I am having a hard time trying to get myself to play; but I expect to probably start playing it again soon as well. 🙂

    I might try to finish beating the game on the XBOX 360 first, before really playing the PC version. 😉

    Good luck and have fun Mrs. Emily. 🙂

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