Notes on replaying Mass Effect 2, part 2 – making those tough choices

Oh Normandy...

In between bouts of illness, last night saw me finally complete by replay of Mass Effect 2. Now, if you haven’t played the game before and really, really don’t want any spoilers then may I suggest reading this post about the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group who’s next meeting is this coming Saturday. Beyond this point there probably will be spoilers of some degree. Continue reading


Someone explained the New 52 to me this weekend and I almost cried

Why, oh why...?

Saturday evening found me sat on the floor of a student flat in Plymouth. Having spent the day chilling with two of my most favourite people in the world, plus going to the geekiest stores that Plymouth had to offer, the three of us had retired to a friend’s place. Another acquiantance would be popping by later and I was dared to ask him just what was going on with DC’s the New 52 comics that launched lat last year.

I had not been prepared for the tale of horror that would follow. Note: I haven’t read any of the New 52 yet.

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The lament over Western Greyhound

Yesterday once again saw my journey to work almost completely foiled by local bus company Western Greyhound. I say almost, because the bus after the one I was meant to be catching did turn up.

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I’m saying no to the “pasty tax”

Today's lunch was a medium steak pasty from a certain local baker.

The announcement in yesterday’s budget that food bought at above “ambient room temperature” could in the near future have the full 20% of VAT lobbed onto its price. Seen locally in Cornwall as an attack on our lunch time snack of choice – the pasty – I’m not seeing this an attack on the Cornish by the chancellor. Nope, I’m seeing it as one of the dumbest ways to raise money I have ever heard of. Continue reading

1.5 patch for Skyrim looks like it too won’t fix any of the bugs I’ve encountered

The Sanguine Rose staff.

While not personally encountered by any of of my Skyrim characters, the 1.5 patch should be fixing a bug to with the Sanguine Rose Staff. And looking at the patch list, maybe it will sort out one or two issues I’ve had in the past… or not, just like 1.4. At the same time, if the comments on that link are anything to go by and what I know of the bugs I’ve had the misfortune of encountering – there’s still a great deal more that needs fixing. Continue reading