Come on, that is no way to write a review

Review in last week's West Briton.

So, on Sunday I read my local paper and watched the first Ghost Rider film. Prior to watching the film, I read a review for the current sequel – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – which you can read above. That review was printed in the West Briton last week.

Now, beyond my usual credentials that ask for people to apply the Catwoman test to anything they watch, play or read, the above review is potentially crapper than the film itself. Why?

Well, it doesn’t actually give you any helpful information that allows you to make your own judgement. Sure, we get that the reviewer absolutely hated the sequel to Ghost Rider, but we don’t know why. All the hyperbole and metaphor used just doesn’t help you make a viewing choice.

For instance, the reviewer could have mentioned the basic plot outline of the film. Could have noted a few specific points where it failed without breaking out spoilers. But no, they didn’t do any of those things.

This review is useless. I need to watch the film to be sort of sure. I need to go and apply the Catwoman test myself, which I did while rewatching the first GR film last evening. And for all the crap reviews that got, it’s still not bad.

The original Ghost Rider was mediocre at worse when using the test. And so the best you can hope for with this sequel is the same result.

Seriously, reviewers need to a) give actual reasons that refer to a text to explain why it’s good or bad b) give a plot outline c) put themselves in the shoes of the target audience and d) remember that the only levels of judgement aren’t just bad and amazingly good.

Though due to the lack of nearby cinemas showing Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance I will probably have to wait until it’s out on DVD/Blu-ray in order to watch it.


2 thoughts on “Come on, that is no way to write a review

  1. Also, they’ve only used the most obvious bits of Dante’s Inferno, and the most famous translation of “Abandon hope, all those who enter this place”. The sign of someone who’s actually never read it? 😛 x

  2. I agree with you there Mrs. Emily, too many reviewers make those mistakes, hopefully more of them will follow some of your suggestions. 😉

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