WordPress listens to complaints, adds opt-out option for infinity scroll

How to disable infinity scroll.

Earlier this week, I joined the chorus of people who were more than unimpressed by WordPress.com’s sudden addition of infinity scroll to all Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven blogs hosted with them. What was/is “infinity scroll”, well if I had it enabled on this blog and you were on the main page, you could keep scrolling down and it wouldn’t end until you reached the first post on my blog.

It also had the annoying effect of negating the footer widget area.

The good news is that the people behind WordPress.com have listened to the outrage and inconvenience that this new feature was causing a lot of users and have put an opt-out tick box in settings. To disable infinity scroll just head to your Dashboard > Settings > Reading > To infinity and beyond > and choose to untick the box there.

While it did take several days for WordPress to initially offer and official response to criticism of the automatic rolling out of this feature, I must compliment them on how quickly they added this opt out. It saves me a hell of a lot of time from rearranging my sidebar or abandoning the Twenty Eleven theme altogether.

However, I do think that some of the expressions of frustration with the feature on the official forums were perhaps more than a tad harsher than they needed to be. It took WordPress less than a week to provide this opt-out.

Still, I do believe that it was a bad move on their part for not rolling the feature out with the chance to opt-in or out in the first place.

And just in case you’re still not sure where the option is:

It's here...


Thanks to Anne and John Jr. for bringing my attention to WordPress adding this fix.


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