No sign of my lost earring

The lone earring I still have.

On Friday evening, I discovered that I had lost one of the earrings from a pair I had been given by my late Grandfather for my tenth birthday. Obviously the earrings are of immense sentimental value. I suspected that I had lost the one earring on the Truro to Falmouth train before I got off at Penryn, sometime between 7.50am and 8.00am that morning of Friday 10th February.

Subsequent searches at my place of work, home and attempts to see if it’s been handed in at Truro train station have come to naught. Friday evening pretty much saw me go through the stages of grief in relation to this not so little earring.

The reward still stands, however on Saturday I did go to the jewellers that originally crafted the pair and have left the remaining earring with them for an appraisal of how much it would cost to have another made. If it’s within or just over the reward amount, then obviously I’m just going to go and have another one made.

However this also means that people have until this evaluation (which is this coming Saturday) to safely return my lost earring and still be eligible for the £100 reward.



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