The pilot episode of BeefJack’s Button Bashers is out

Arthur and me in Loading.

After keeping the project under wraps for weeks, the BeefJack’s Button Bashers pilot is now live over on BeefJack and soon YouTube as well. The pilot was filmed near the end of last and month, the beginning of this week saw Paul finish editing it.

Filmed on location in both Loading and Stans Games in Falmouth, it was perhaps the most ambitious film project that Paul, Arthur, myself and several other friends had ever taken on. It was ambitious due to the amount of equipment we used – from lighting to having several cameras on the go – and due to the superb editing that Paul managed to pull off on AVID, with a bit of help from Pro Tools for the theme and Adobe Illustrator to create vector images that Paul could then animate.

The project has actually been in the works for something approaching five months. Before Christmas we decided on the format and how we were going to go about it, but we needed  to wait until after Christmas in order to film.

Plans are already underway on how to improve on the next episode, which includes implementing a recently purchased field recorder to handle the sound. As for content – wait and see.

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