I’m more than a little excited about The Darkness II

So much so, the next graphic novel meet is about The Darkness.

Despite enjoying what I’ve played of Final Fantasy XIII-2 so far, I will soon be abandoning the game in order to review The Darkness II for BeefJack (the first game is one of my favourite games of all time). Now two things need to be understood at this point: 1) I am a huge fan of The Darkness comics and the previous game and 2) I’m such a big fan, I’ve decided that this year’s first meet of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group should be about The Darkness franchise.

Having the first meeting of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group this year, focused on The Darkness is a logical step, despite the fan girl vibes you might be getting about the whole thing, because:

  • The first meeting is happening in Loading, a videogames focused cafe and bar.
  • The Darkness II is out this month.
  • The Darkness II  is out this month.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to discuss the differences between the game and the comics, like not having the Angelus or Witchblade in the games, how selfish Jackie can be in the comics, etc and thoughts on the more “graphic novel” style of the new game. Also, thoughts on the change of voice actor for Jackie.

And if you can’t tell I’m excited about the game from this blog post, then I ask you to look at those speech bubbles in the poster above. It took me two whole hours to relearn how to do speech bubbles in Photoshop last night. Two whole damn hours. That’s how excited I am about the game.

P.S. I will post a tutorial of how to sort out speech bubbles in CS4 Photoshop if anyone comments with interest in me doing one. The ones I found online last night were not particularly helpful.


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