Day three in London – meeting people from the cloud

This is Xander.

I have survived the second day of training and my third day in the Greater Londonish area… after a fashion. The training John and I received from Andrew Smith and Gerry Brown has been a crash course, but a fun one. Not only do I now know a great deal more about enterprise IT, but the path to knowledge was exciting and engaging.

This evening I met with Lewis Denby, his lovely girlfriend and Danny Palmer. The route to this meeting was a long one, considering that Lewis and I have been working in the cloud together for almost two years due to BeefJack and Danny I have been chatting over Twitter for around a year. But it was really great to meet them in person and they weren’t different compared to the personas they have online – a good thing I will add.

There was a lot of game journo talk, conversations about games PR, the state of journalism as a whole and me regaling them all with crazy tales from the depths of Cornwall.  Also turns out that I know more about The Darkness than either Lewis or Danny.

Tonight was also a new milestone/right-of-passage for me… I completed my first journey on the Underground by myself. As someone who finds even the Greater London area somewhat daunting, getting through the journey to the meeting place and back felt like quite an achievement… except for the part where I sprained my back somehow while on the return trip.

However, one thing did truly perturb me drawing the ride to the meet-up: there was a high-pitched sound that sounded a lot like the high-pitched sound that is used in Final Fantasy VIII whenever Squall and others are about to have a dream of Laguna and the past. I kid you not – that exact sound lasted for the entire journey.

Alright, I’m off to bed. The train home leaves just after nine tomorrow morning.


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