Day two in London – cue Eye of the Tiger music

This is Xander.

Good news everyone! My head has been filled with useful stuff today. Useful I tell you! My head hasn’t been filled with so much good information about IT systems since I was studying for my GNVQ back in the day and what I’ve learned today feels infinitely more useful. So much info about enterprise IT. (Psst, read about day one first if you haven’t already.)

Having just finished today’s homework assignment to the best of my ability after doing a lot of walking in the freezing cold air that has enveloped London this night – I am looking forward to tomorrow. I may also have taken something like 5000 words worth of notes today… good thing I was typing it all, else my right wrist would be aching.

In other news, related to pain, I’ve managed to wreck my right heel. My boots that never rub, ended up rubbing and I had to find first-aid supplies. Annoyingly, Google Maps on my Android managed to send me in the completely opposite direction of a local Superdrug and so when John and I managed to make it back near to where we we’re based I ended up in a Tesco Metro. The Metro was okay, at least they had some supplies, but not quite what I wanted.

But yeah, Google Maps. I wasn’t impressed with being sent a mile and-a-half in the wrong direction when I had a sore heel. Regardless, I managed to get back to the hotel in time to dress my wound and change over to my trainers before meeting with the lovely Peter Cooper. We had a delightful evening talking about his upcoming comic, me reading the prelude, eating at Wagamama’s and then stopping at a McDonald’s for McFlurries and the chance to moan about Capcom.

The man has made me realise that I haven’t truly enjoyed a Capcom release since Resident Evil 4. Meanwhile, Peter is saddened and angered that the latest Steel Battalion uses Kinect and not a physical mock-up of a mech’s cockpit. Also, turns out that Peter hates Marvel vs. Capcom 3, both editions. I had to agree with him in the end – I really can’t stand its combo system.

Okay, time for reading and then some sleeping methinks.


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