Government’s approach to work experience of jobless is s**t

Work experience needs to be meaningful and not put the employed at a disadvantage.

Just as the title says, I really don’t think much of the “welfare-to-work” schemes Job Centre Plus are forcing down the throats of some job seekers. Sure, I get that there are plenty of people out there who need work experience, but I seriously disagree with the kinds of experience being offered and how it is being offered. Continue reading


Come on, that is no way to write a review

Review in last week's West Briton.

So, on Sunday I read my local paper and watched the first Ghost Rider film. Prior to watching the film, I read a review for the current sequel – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – which you can read above. That review was printed in the West Briton last week. Continue reading

Played The One Ring for the first time last night

Undeniably fun.

For the first time in several years, last night saw Paul and me rolling dice as we took part in a session of The One Ring. With James as our DM, his lovely partner (and my boss) Fiona as a dwarf scholar, Matt as a woodman spider hunter, Paul as a  beorning warden and me as a hobbit explorer – the group set off from Lake Town, five years after the events of The Hobbit.

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Would someone please explain to Charlie Brooker that “otaku” is not a positive term in Japan?

Not as acceptable as you may think...

Once upon a time, I was a Japanophile or more specifically – I was really into Japanese videogames, manga, anime and food plus a few other cultural elements. This lasted between 2000-2004, then I stopped being a Japanophile and this was mainly due to realising how so much of the things I liked about certain aspects of Japanese culture were recycled and kept being recycled all the time. I’m assuming Charlie Brooker hasn’t reached that point yet if his resent travel log for the Guardian is anything to go by.

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The Darkness II and codex systems – getting the most out of Relics

Wait to you hear this...

This is probably not going to be my last post on The Darkness II and I really need to draw your attention to a classy smidget of exposition that’s lurking in the game. It also perhaps raises the bar for all codexes that you find in games.

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