Day one in London – arrival

This is Xander.

That’s right, I’ve come to London with a teddy bear. Well, I say London, more the Greater London area. I’m here for a training course related to IT and it’s in aid of my new job. Hopefully over the course of tomorrow and Thursday, my head will be filled with useful stuff. ‘Cause I’d hate to have come all the way up from Cornwall to have my head filled with useless stuff.

I’ve been assured by my new employers that the things I will learn over the next two days will be useful. Meanwhile, my downtime is being occupied with working on that short story collection – which I’ve completed the first draft of the opening story for, whilst on the way up – reading stuff on Kindle and playing Final Fantasy VII.

The food and drink prices in the hotel I’m staying in are somewhat high, so food is being hunted and gathered from the surrounding area. I’m not up in this part of the world by myself, pal and co-worker – and sometimes contributor to The Fly magazine – John Kerrison, is also here with me. Though as I type this, he’s down in the bar watching a football match.

And I’ve also got Xander, pictured above. He was bought in Truro earlier today after I forgot to pack any cuddly companions. He’s named after the character from Buffy.

I’m meeting up with games journos types over the next few evenings. People I haven’t met with before and in some cases have been working with for years – ah the advantage/disadvantage of an office in the cloud.

Plans for the rest of this evening? Recover from the six-plus hours long train journey mostly.

Though funnily enough, I think it took about the same amount of time to get up to Bristol Expo last year. Train services are weird.


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