The death of a PSP’s UMD drive need not be its end!

Turning a PSP into a Final Fantasy playing machine!

A week or so ago, Paul’s PSP 3000’s UMD drive died. It was no longer turning UMD discs – games or film – when they were put in the drive. While online prices for first and second hand PSPs are currently rather pricey – probably has something to do with newer models getting rid of things like Wi-Fi and some other ports – second hand prices on our local high street weren’t too bad.

And so at the weekend, we picked up another PSP 3000, which was fully functioning. Yet rather than give up on the old PSP, we have instead done something else – turned it into a machine for playing older Final Fantasy games on. Because so many of Square Enix’s back catalogue of the games are available on PSN these days.

Yet if this had been two years ago, then this would not really have been possible, at least in this part of the world. Mainly due to the back catalogue of Final Fantasy games not being available over PSN for those of outside of Japan for quite some time.

What is perhaps interesting about this is that I do wonder if Sony’s PSP would have sold better had they managed to work with third party developers more to bring out their old back catalogues onto PSN a lot sooner than what has happened. The PSP launched outside of Japan in 2005, but it took more than five years for games, such as the FF series, to start being available in the US and EU.

Meanwhile, I’ve got both Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the go. This will prove to be particularly useful during the downtime of a trip to London I am embarking on this week in the name of work.

After all, I’ll need something fun to do when I’m not in a training class.

(Note to self: you’ve still got that collection of short stories to be working on too.)

(Note to you guys: there are plenty of older games available on PSN that aren’t Final Fantasy ones, just don’t forget your Pro Duo memory stick.)


2 thoughts on “The death of a PSP’s UMD drive need not be its end!

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  2. Softmodding is an option too, purely because there are some great old-school emulators around for the PSP. I currently have some classic ZX Spectrum & Commodore Amiga games running very nicely on mine. Oh and a PS1 emulator too, so you can actually play all of the old FF games if you have already shelled out for the originals 🙂

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