Podcast addiction didn’t really kick off for me last year, but it has now

Just over a year go, I described on here how I had started listening to more podcasts, but with a change in how my freelancing was going in the first few months of last year, I moved away from listening to podcasts. But now, I am back listening to them again.

Now in a new job and with a long commute, I discovered something this week: I can’t stand listening to music at 7am. Or, I can, but only if there appears to be other humans in the vicinity. So, like a dog who has Radio 4 left on for it when its owners go out for work, I am now listening to several podcasts in order to feel a connection to humanity.

And to not end up very bored.

The ones pictured above are what I was listening to this time last year. Of those, I’m now only listening to a bunch of Kevin Smith led ones – SModcast, Hollywood Babble and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I’m also listening to some new ones (or ones that were suggested to me last year that I’m not finally listening to) and they include a mainly gaming medley of:

I’m slowly putting the latest episodes on my MP3 player. So far I have found listening to podcasts on the way to and from work to be just what I needed. I also suspect I may be smiling more when I’m travelling, as they are all pretty funny.

You may not agree with my Kevin Smith selection, but the ones in the bullets need to be checked out. I’m also open to some more suggestions for commute amusement, if you’ve got any, post a name and a link in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Podcast addiction didn’t really kick off for me last year, but it has now

  1. Get ready to laugh, a lot.
    Here’s 5 of my faves:

    -Comedy Bang Bang
    -Best Show On WFMU *** – Start with the sister podcast, “Best Show Gems” first
    -Doug Loves Movies
    -The Smartest Man In The World w/ Greg Proops

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