New places… new noises

I don't want to be hearing these noises...

Okay, so I’ve started a new job this week. It involves me writing absolutely loads of stuff on a commercial basis – and that’s all I’m telling you. What I will tell you is that there are some strange noises to be found in this new base of operations.

The most persistent noise is the pigeons outside. It being January and the fact that we’ve had an incredibly mild winter means that the local pigeon population is already throwing itself into its time honoured mating rituals. And so, most of the time, above the sounds of people’s keyboards, I can hear the sound of male pigeons trying to entice female pigeons into allowing them to have their wicked way with them.

And if that wasn’t enough, I thought I was going mad with another noise that kept creeping into the office – the sound of tinny guitar rifts and drum solos. Finally I asked today what could be causing this noise – which starts and stops and is on a level that you could believe that it was of your own imagining – there’s a photography studio next door and they like heavy rock music.

However, perhaps the strangest sound award should go the fridge that occupies a corner of this rather large space. I’m pretty sure the sound it makes is the same kind of noise the TARDIS from Doctor Who would make if it were travelling underwater. It’s got a similar fluctuation to the TARDIS sound, but with a gurgling back-up.

Anyway, as you were.


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