Truro Graphic Novel Group is no more! Long live Cornwall Graphic Novel Group!

Why hello there.

Due to events, such as me starting a new job this week, running the past formula for the Truro Graphic Novel Group was no longer going to work. So, because I want to keep a group of this kind going – where we talk about graphics, trades and comics we’ve been reading, discussing writing, latest film adaptations – I’ve decided to rename the group the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group (link goes to our FB group page) and changed a few more things.

For instance, rather than meeting in the middle of the third Thursday of the month at Truro Library, we’re now going to be meeting on the last Saturday of the month in Falmouth. The exact location has yet to be decided on as the library there has no meeting spaces, but the meetings will still be happening from 2-3pm.

As this weekend would be too short notice, the first meeting of the Cornwall Graphic Novel Group will be taking place on Saturday 25th February. Once I’ve got a location sorted I will obviously let you know on here, on FB, Twitter and probably put a few posters up and about in Truro and Falmouth/Penryn way.

Long live Cornwall Graphic Novel Group!


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