Finally free of Mr Site


I’m finally free of the horror of Mr Site. Free I tell you, free! I’ve almost finished setting up the new site.

My site is still at the same domain, and is still called Ek Creations. But it was a bit of a struggle to get Mr Site to hand over the domain and hosting.

After getting the domain transfer through, for which I did tell Mr Site that I was switching hosting as well – I found they hadn’t stopped hosting. I had to send them an email to customer services asking them to stop hosting the site.

After waiting two days, they finally stopped hosting my site or at least putting in either versions of the address (with or without the www) goes to the new server. Yet I don’t think all parts of Mr Site are talking to each other.

Earlier today I had an email from them reminding me that my hosting and domain was supposedly due for renewal. And if I was a little less savvy on these matters, I may have coughed up £40, with being told that I was soon going to lose my domain. But I knew that my domain had been transferred to Domain Monster.

The lesson with all of this is that the standard Mr Site package is just not worth the hassle for a portfolio site for a writer or designer or filmmaker – any kind of creative.

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