Update on The Never Ending Blanket

One of the many squares being knitted.

Back in the early days of this blog, I mentioned a blanket that I’d been working on for ages. And I mean ages. In November of 2010, I managed to finish knitting the fortieth square of one hundred for this huge project.

This past week has seen me complete the fifty-ninth square for the blanket. Now, I’m not a slow knitter. No, the problem with reaching my goal of at least one hundred squares has been the usual issue of normal and important existence issues getting in the way. These past couple of weeks, as I’ve made my through Taken and now Kingdom Hospital, I’ve tried to step up my efforts to complete this blanket.

Though perhaps I’m berating myself too much. Knitting a two metre by two metre blanket is a far larger project than a single jumper or a scarf. A far larger project and it’s definitely going to take longer to sew all its parts together compared to a jumper.


2 thoughts on “Update on The Never Ending Blanket

  1. You’re keeping up with it, that’s the main thing. I’d have ditched the whole project and bought one by now. Well done! Any chance of seeing a selection of squares and colours?

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