Digital dreams: short story collection started

Plan, research write...

After announcing the other week that I was thinking of putting a short story collection together, I’ve actually planned a twenty story collection and started writing, with research being carried out on a story-by-story basis. I’m hoping to provide both entertainment and value-for-money within the bits and bytes of my first e-book.

My overall aim is to finish with a collection of stories that totals a minimum of 60,000 words, which is ten thousand above the minimum word count normally expected of a novel. All of the stories that I’ve planned have the potential to run between 3000 to 6000 words, which means it should be reasonably manageable to meet that minimum word count.

The collection of stories are of a speculative fiction/science fiction (SF) nature, set in and around a possible future London in the year 2034. I say “possible future” and I mean this in the way that the events that have led to its fictional existence are unlikely to happen in this universe. Put it this way, the stories have got a whole dystopian slant and only a few select groups would really want to live in the world that I’ve built.

Despite the same setting for all of the stories, I am making the effort that you could read one and enjoy it without having read any of the others. Obviously if you read all of them then you’ll get a fuller context and deeper understanding of the collection. It’s all kind of like films that have micro-narratives only that most of the characters in this collection will never meet each other.

Anyway, I started writing the first story today. I’m hoping that before June, the collection is on sale for platforms such as Kindle. I have yet to decide on a title for the whole collection, I’ll leave that to when I’m done writing it.


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