I’m not playing anymore Skyrim until Bethesda fix it [UPDATED]


Not so charming as see through hills or indoor snow is yet another glitch making it impossible for me to complete a quest in Skyrim. This time it’s happened during the Valthume based quest “Evil in Waiting”.

The door rings for the door that’s opened by the iron claw won’t move. This means that I can’t solve the puzzle to open the door, to get the third and final vessel, kill big bads and get a dragon shout.

Well done Bethesda. Well done for shipping a game with more bugs than there are bed bugs in the whole of New York City.

Even though I’ve been ploughing on with this damn game, despite the multitude of glitches that have befallen me, this is the final straw. I am not playing any more frelling Skyrim until Bethesda patch glitches like this one, because they are truly taking the piss.

I think this takes the number of glitches that I’ve experienced to something nearing ten. I’m also getting fed up with people saying they’ve experienced only one or two or none and then saying I’m fussing over nothing. For pity’s sake: I can’t complete a main quest, so frell you.

But what I’m really trying to say is this: patch this s**t, Bethesda!

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I tried this suggestion, but for this particular glitch, there has been no effect. The rings still won’t move.


4 thoughts on “I’m not playing anymore Skyrim until Bethesda fix it [UPDATED]

  1. I love how you say you won’t be playing it any more until they fix it. You’ve already bought your copy (in theory), they’ve already gotten their money (see first parenthetical attribution), so in short, they don’t care about your gaming habits. That being said, I salute them. This is one hell of an intricate game, exponentially more indepth than a lot of the products out there. I would venture to guess that if you figure the ratio of bugs to hours of game play, this game comes in far below almost anything else out there.

    • The issue, back when I originally wrote this, was quest breaking bugs. Visual glitches and their ilk (which is what a lot of games can suffer from) are a small annoyance. When you’ve spent over an hour on a particular quest and then find that you can’t complete it and thus gain a bounty or progress along a storyline – for a narratively heavy game – that is game breaking, that is taking the piss.

      Though I suggest that you actually read one of my more recent Skyrim posts for my current thoughts on the game.

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