Goodbye Mr Site

The old site will be going bye-bye over the next month.

Ek Creations, my old “professional” portfolio website will soon be no more, so to speak. Apart from moving the domain hosting from Mr Site to Domain Monster, I’m also shifting hosting. A friend of mine has stepped into the fray to help me out.

I’ve been with Mr Site for almost three years. I originally set up the site with them, because I needed a quick cheap fix for part of a unit on my Masters. Said unit had a section where we had to produce and have online our own portfolio site in order to promote our writing. And so Ek Creations was created. I went with Mr Site, because as hinted, they were cheap and relatively easy to set up. I say cheap, the first year worked out at £18.99 and that included hosting, email, a CMS and domain.

Yet other than them keeping my domain registered, their web hosting system wasn’t doing me any favours. There was no SMTP with the email service and the templates available in the CMS were all pretty awful and lacking in taste. While I could have coded up my own CSS and whatnot rather than using their templates, I’m not very good at coding. Essentially, you could build a simple WordPress site that looked better than anything they had on offer.

After the first year, the hosting and domain went up to £38.99 and then last year it was £40 and would have been £40 to renew this year as well. Earlier this month I’d decided I’d had enough. And so I had a chat with a friend who knows about these things and after careful directions from him, I’m now part way through the admin of having my domain registration transferred over to Domain Monster and I’m working on the appearance of my new site, which the same friend will be hosting. My new site, with the same domain, will work out at just over £10 a year.

I’ll be using WordPress and the same theme as this blog. I’m currently designing a new header image to go on the site. I’ve also got a nice under construction sign waiting. I don’t think I can make you understand how awful the CMS for Mr Site is, but it’s way less stable than WordPress and a nightmare to use – trying to get text to be the same font size or alignment is near impossible. It’s meant to be a WYSIWYG system of content management on Mr Site, but rarely does it work out that way.

I’d never use Mr Site again. Never. And my advice to people looking for somewhere to put a similar portfolio site: buy your domain from somewhere like Domain Monster and then see if you’ve got any web design savvy friends with a bit of server space spare and go from there.

Did I mention that I had to pay a £15 admin fee to Mr Site to enable the transfer to go through? Yeah…


One thought on “Goodbye Mr Site

  1. they will charge these fees purely to make money out of you nothing ele and as a tootl to stop you from moving away…good move to move away

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