Giving up on knitting this jumper


It had all been going so well. I’d made up over 20 inches of the back half. It had taken me several months and then… the pattern betrayed me.

Earlier this week, I found that I’d missed knitting a key section that was tucked away in a tiny corner of the pattern. Upon this discovery I attempted to undo the 25 rows that I’d done after the part I missed, but because of the fuzzy nature of the artificial wool I was using and that those 25 rows included decreasing the number of stitches –

The whole thing was an absolute mess. I couldn’t see the stitches I’d decreased by in order to put them back on the needle. I ended up unravelling all I had knitted so far.

And so I’ve learned two things from trying to knit this pattern: first – seriously check over the pattern to make sure you understand it and second – don’t use fuzzy wool.

The understanding point is also down to me having to twice email the creators of the pattern in order to get clarifications on parts of it. At least they responded within a couple of days.

I think I could give the pattern another go, but I’d need none fuzzy wool that is of a similar tension to the wool used in the pattern. I will also add that buying the wool I need locally will be an expensive affair.

The wool I bought was part of a pre-done set with the pattern and only cost me £20 earlier last year. That kind of price is really cheap, but it wasn’t from somewhere close to me, it was from a store in Falmouth.

If I wanted to buy the same amount of wool from Truro Fabrics in Truro, it will cost me between £40 – £60. That’s a lot of money to knit the jumper myself.

For now, I’m continuing to knit the squares I’ve been making for the last few years in order to make a large blanket. One day I will knit a jumper for myself, just not anytime soon.

Sometimes I just wish I had the knowledge to design my own patterns.

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One thought on “Giving up on knitting this jumper

  1. Aww, such a shame; that was looking great. I don’t know what’s happened to wool prices – it used to be so cheap to knit your own, but now, it’s way more expensive. Last time I bought wool for a baby’s all-in-one thingy and the wool cost over £30! Nearly keeled over with the shock!!

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