Thinking of putting together a short story collection

A short story I've been working on.

Previously, I’ve gone on about script writing and writing graphic novels (which is a lot like writing a script). Thing is, I have a soft spot for short stories and I’m entering the James White Award this month. Now, while I’m not so sure about self-publishing something like a graphic novel, the idea of putting together a series of science fiction/speculative fiction stories together in a collection and selling it through something like Amazon’s Kindle e-book store does appeal to me.

Unlike in the US, where short stories are far more popular, they haven’t been as popular in the UK for quite sometime. Obviously trying to sell my own collection through something like the Kindle store would mean that I’d have a greater chance of reaching a far larger audience than if the thing is physically published in the UK only.

I’ve always found it easier to write short stories compared to novels, so putting a collection together by myself makes some sense. I currently don’t fancy the hassle of trying to convince an actual publisher that they should publish it. I can sort out the ISBN and copyright issues all by myself anyway. And if the story I’ve written for the James White Award doesn’t get anywhere, then it can always go into this collection, which I have begun to plan. As for editing and marketing it myself – those are things I’m use to. Formatting an e-book and creating a cover are also things that I have the means to do.

One thing does annoy me though and that’s the snooty stigma attached to self-publishing. Sure there’s some pretty diabolical stuff being self-published, but there’s a lot of good stuff too. A lot of the stigma comes from traditional publishers who obviously feel somewhat threatened by the notion of people just going it alone and missing them out altogether. And sure a publisher can offer support in terms of marketing and a bit of editing, but you’re not guaranteed to get the help you need.


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