We need more funny in the world – introducing Unflattering Pause Screens

Unflattering Pause Screens does exactly what it says on the tin.

Please think of my new Tumblr blog the next time you pause a TV show, film or videogame and the characters aren’t looking their best. Unflattering Pause Screens has been put together to help collect the inevitable funny this often creates and it needs submissions. Sure, Paul and I watch stuff, but sometimes the phone doesn’t ring or we’ve got enough tea.

The whole thing is for a laugh. It’s not meant to be serious. Hence the grammatically poor title of this post. Having now started the blog, it kind of annoys me that I hadn’t had a camera phone until earlier last year, as over the years I have experienced some pretty epicly unflattering pause screens. Still, there’s plenty of time to make up for it now as phones ring, coffees need to be made, toilet breaks happen and front doors need to be answered.

And of course I’ll still be posting on here and I queue for tea.


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