Day one in London – arrival

This is Xander.

That’s right, I’ve come to London with a teddy bear. Well, I say London, more the Greater London area. I’m here for a training course related to IT and it’s in aid of my new job. Hopefully over the course of tomorrow and Thursday, my head will be filled with useful stuff. ‘Cause I’d hate to have come all the way up from Cornwall to have my head filled with useless stuff. Continue reading


The death of a PSP’s UMD drive need not be its end!

Turning a PSP into a Final Fantasy playing machine!

A week or so ago, Paul’s PSP 3000’s UMD drive died. It was no longer turning UMD discs – games or film – when they were put in the drive. While online prices for first and¬†second hand PSPs are currently rather pricey – probably has something to do with newer models getting rid of things like Wi-Fi and some other ports – second hand prices on our local high street weren’t too bad. Continue reading

Podcast addiction didn’t really kick off for me last year, but it has now

Just over a year go, I described on here how I had started listening to more podcasts, but with a change in how my freelancing was going in the first few months of last year, I moved away from listening to podcasts. But now, I am back listening to them again. Continue reading

Vested interests do not make for good recommendations

My Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 player

Last night I asked for some recommendations over Twitter for MP3 players. Ones that weren’t iPods preferably. While I do love the Creative Zen Mozaic player that Paul gave to me a few years back, it’s ease of use is becoming an issue. I got a few¬†recommendations. Continue reading

New places… new noises

I don't want to be hearing these noises...

Okay, so I’ve started a new job this week. It involves me writing absolutely loads of stuff on a commercial basis – and that’s all I’m telling you. What I will tell you is that there are some strange noises to be found in this new base of operations. Continue reading