An Alternative New Year’s Message

Things need to change. (Photo is of a model homeless man that's been set up in Truro Cathedral.)

As we move from the arbitrary year of 2011 to the following arbitrary year of 2012, I would like to take this moment to reflect on what has happened and look to the year ahead. Despite some of the steps forward humanity has taken this year, we’ve seem to have taken more backwards. At an alarming speed, the advances in equality and constitutional rights that many countries have made over the last two centuries are being eroded, all due to money.

Money, that thing that seems to be the cause of humanity’s woes more so than anything else these days is something that in 2012 I would like to see the people of this Earth begin to realise is not the be all and end all. Last year I was talking about the threat zombies could pose to our existence, but this year I want to be more “realistic”.

While things such as Climate Change, HIV, malaria, TB, war and famine are serious issues in of themselves, the root cause of them is humanity’s obsession with money. Civilization will not progress or become stable unless we stop being concerned with the non-existent and begin to work together to better each other.

The recession is a state of mind. Money isn’t real, but people are – let’s use 2012 to rediscover this.

And as always, remain constantly vigilant against the threat of zombies, because they may not chomp on the asses of politicians and bankers first.


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