Skyrim is not my Game of the Year


It was all kinda going well until...

Since Boxing Day I have been knee deep in dragons, draugr and dremora, as I ventured through the wilds and lost ruins of Skyrim (the Xbox 360 version). While at first being one of my favourite Christmas presents, this past day has seen the game increasingly get on my nerves. The issues I have found within the game leave it far from my idea of being Game of the Year.

Its glitches and bugs that have been ruining my enjoyment of the game. Things had been going fine between Monday and Wednesday and then yesterday I encountered my first quest related glitch. Esbern’s Potion would not work  – the point of the potion is to give you the “Dragon Infusion” perk, however having my character consume the potion caused nothing to happen and the quest would not clear from the miscellaneous quest menu. Being a misc. quest, I wasn’t too worried about it saying it was done and I was having no problems killing dragons, so the perk was not needed.

I completed the overall main story quest before doing many other quests with my first character, who was a High Elf mage. The only other main quests I had seriously chased after were a couple from Whiterun such as Missing in Action and The Blessings of Nature, along with becoming the Archmage of The College of Winterfell. All that had gone fine.


There be bandits here.

Then I decided to finish off some of the miscellaneous quests from Whiterun, such as dealing with bandits that the Jarl wanted out of the picture. Due to the main quest I had previously been to the Valtheim Towers while on the way to another location and had consequently killed all the bandits there after they attacked me. Proventus Avenicci later asked for me to go back there and clear out the bandits, but they hadn’t respawned (and it was ages since I’d been there) and thus I could not complete the quest. Again, I could deal with this, as it was only a misc. one.

Having played through as a mage, last night I decided to start a new game as a Nord and be a warrior-bard and had started on the Companion quests. These I class as main quests, as there’s story involved and achievements, etc. The first one I was asked by Farkas to do involved clearing bandits out from an area Proventus Avenicci had already asked me to clear out (I’d done some of the misc. quests for the Jarl before joining the Companions), ended up with me clearing the quest (the enemies respawned). But I was not rewarded when I went back to report that the job was done even though the Bandit Chief had reappeared and I’d killed him. In fact, the quest cleared automatically when I got back into Jorrvaskr, without me even talking to Farkas. Yet I was not rewarded for my efforts, but I could live with this – the quest had cleared.

Anyway, I went and got another quest, this time it was Hired Muscle, again from Farkas. I went to the harbour down from Solitude to confront my target, a woman on a ship in the harbour. Yet when I went inside the ship, no one – including the target – would start a dialogue with me, they just told me that I shouldn’t be on the ship. The target would never leave the ship.

Now, some people have come up with some very complicated workarounds for dealing with the Hired Muscle glitch, like this one:

Ive learned the trick about the Dorian guy on the boat, this is how i did it

Hit him inside the boat, rush to the exit, jump straight into the water, the Warf thing that the boat is docked on, where the stair case is, swim right round it and head for the east trade company’s dock door, they will all chase you, run onto the docks now, take your fists out or weapon, then sheeth them to the guards, they will arrest you for 40 gold, fast travel straight back to the docks, dorian will still be walking to his boat, so sprint to him or he will get stuck in a post and you can then ask him to fist fight you (:

I tried doing that and the timing involved is ridiculous, so it’s not worked for me. The simple fact of the matter is you should not have to through crap like that in order to complete this quest. And so I currently can’t complete this quest and it’s a main one.



Oh, and shops keep randomly locking their doors during the middle of the day, which is similar to something that used to happen to a magical artifacts shop in the Imperial City in the previous game Oblivion. Well, that shop ended up permanently locked up on me and so I had to always break in, in order to shop there. In Skyrim, I’ve so far experienced Warmaiden’s and Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun locking me out during the day.

Plus the dragon or two (that are regular Dragons, not Skeleton Dragons) that won’t give up Dragon Souls…

That’s seven glitches experienced by me so far.

Bethesda need to patch Skyrim and they need to patch it soon. But with glitches like the ones I’ve detailed, I can’t currently say that it’s the best game of 2011, because they are pretty huge bugs and currently blighting my enjoyment of the game.


I’ve officially fallen out of love with Skyrim.


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