We’ve all become a little meaner this year

Our species is a joke, because of the cruelty it piles upon itself.

This will be a sad, ranty blog post. You may want to come back next week if you’re after some festive cheer.

To me it seems that this year has shown the worst side of humanity, well at least in the dusty minds of the public in the UK. With the recession not going away anytime soon, people have been turning on the weak and the vulnerable to blame away the state of things. While reform to the benefits system in the UK are needed, one must question the image of there being huge groups of people who are “scroungers” according to the government and the press. Because in my experience, every person I have ever met who is on some form of benefit has deserved to be on it. If fraud was at the levels portrayed, then statistically speaking I should have stumbled across a faker by now, but I haven’t.

And so while the weak and vulnerable of this once compassionate country are persecuted by the mob, the bankers are still getting away with the same old crap that fudged things over in the first place. And the companies that are making a mockery of the UK’s taxation system are also allowed to continue their morally outrageous practices.

Due to the UK’s main political parties and those in charge of the country’s banks and top businesses being so damn pally with each other, no real change will occur anyway. Far too many are having their backs scratched under the current system. This means that rather than introducing the legal changes necessary to enable a fairer society, the government chases after “soft targets” the ones that didn’t get us in this mess in the first place. From the disabled child who is about to see their benefits cut to the public sector workers being told they have to work longer for less – none of these are people who were directly involved in causing the current recession.

The meanness of society in the UK at the moment disgusts me. The dog-eat-dog mindset that is becoming so prevalent is disgraceful. If we are to get through these tough times we must stand united, because divided we will fall.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of the recession for me is that it’s mainly not based on things that exist. The debt is not based on resources. It’s based on bankers and traders doing crazy things with numbers on a computer. We don’t actually owe anything. Money is a state of mind, much like religion, yet while people may change their belief systems we as a society – as a global society – seem incapable of shifting our belief to something that doesn’t involve the sacrificing of innocents.

Humanity needs to get over the concept that our existence is all about supporting an economy that economics is the be all and end all of life. Life is not about money, life is about begetting more life and existing to nurture that life. Sure you may have some level of competition, but it shouldn’t be based on something that doesn’t exist.

The governments of this world along with the bankers and corporate powers would love for us all to squabble amongst each other, so that we do not see the damage they are doing. We need to bring them too account and move as a species to a system that benefits all rather than a few.


4 thoughts on “We’ve all become a little meaner this year

      • How to bring the bankers and the governments to account? How to stop blaming the victims, the unemployed, sick and disabled? How to benefit the many, not the few?

      • I would push for a social system similar to the one the Federation used in Star Trek a.k.a. space socialism, but you’d need a worldwide catastrophic event to make that kind of change happen.

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