Using AVID Media Composer 5 to make a Christmas present

AVID isn't normally what you put home movies together on.

Ssssssh, don’t tell my parents, but they’re getting a homemade Christmas present this year. And it’s not something I’ve knitted or baked. Nope… it’s going to be a home movie that’s been properly edited together.

Paul has decided to start teaching me how to use AVID Media Composer. So, I’m putting a home movie together using the kind of software that Hollywood feature films and many TV programmes are edited with. After all, I might as well edit together something that has a purpose.

It’s only basics for now. I finished sorting out the rough cut this evening. The film is of a boat trip a bunch of us took at the end of the summer. In order to break up what would otherwise be some pretty long shots, I’ve been incorporating some photos that Paul took while we were on the trip.

Yes, there were seagulls on this trip.

I’m also planning to add sea shanty kind of backing music, captions pointing out some specific details plus maybe a bit of voice over. Just need to find some sea shanties that fit.

The whole thing will be between fifteen to twenty minutes in length and hopefully nothing like the home movies a Great Uncle of mine has had the habit of editing together in the past. Trying to keep the whole thing interesting and with a bit of rhythm going on.






It needs to be dynamic.


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