Filming my last episode of Kill/Screen this month

The upcoming, fifth, episode of Kill/Screen will be my last episode. I informed the rest of the gang today about my intention to step down. The show’s continuing (obviously), but I’ve got other things that I’ll be up to come New Year. However, the Christmas, wrestling themed episode we’ve got coming up is sounding like it will be quite good to bow out from.

I’ve learnt a lot about producing vodcasts these past five months. A lot. But I’ve got other creative things I want to pursue, different methods of creativity that I want to try out.

By January I’ll know whether I’ll be working under the helm of someone else job-wise or throwing myself full-time into setting up my own business. And in case you’re wondering what kind of business I’m thinking of putting together, well, it’s in fiction publishing, which is going to eat up a lot of my time if I go through with getting the necessary resources together.

So, I plan to be quite busy next year, whether or not I’m my own boss. I’m also going to be writing my second full-length film script, which is going to be an indie project. This may also be filmed next year and it’s going to take a lot of effort to get through several drafts before reaching that stage.

Plus, I’m still storyboarding Displaced. And I’m putting things in motion to get that somewhere by the end of next year.

Did I mention that I plan to play a lot of videogames as well?

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the previous episode of Kill/Screen:


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