MEP to take issue of HD DRM drive by BBC to European Commission

You're being a bit pants.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to my MP and one of my MEPs regarding the BBC’s recent drive to set up various protocols in regards to its services and handling High Definition Digital Rights Management (HD DRM). I informed both MP Sarah Newton and MEP Sir Graham Watson why I thought what the BBC was up to could contravene a couple of EU laws and – most importantly – have a severe detrimental effect on blind users of the BBC’s television services.

Yesterday I received a letter from Sir Graham stating:

I am concerned that the adoption of this technology could conflict with EU competition law, and disadvantage blind and partially sighted audiences. In light of this I will be raising the issue with the Commission […].

I call that a good result. Considering that even the RNIB are concerned about the matter, to me it seems that the BBC’s actions do warrant thorough investigation.

On the other side of the coin, I have not heard a word from Sarah Newton, my MP, in regards to the matter. While a month has yet to pass since I sent the letter, I would just like to mention that she never got back to me in regards to that letter that I wrote about an early day motion put forward by Nadine Dorries. That was back in May of this year.

While Mrs Newton still has time to get back to me in regards of the HD DRM issue, it seems to me that as an MP she is particularly unwilling to tackle real issues head on. Her weekly column in the West Briton is a perfect example of how she fails to ever talk about important issues that are affecting the people of Cornwall on a fundamental level. Quite frankly, she comes across as a spineless woman with no real conviction and it saddens me that this woman is my MP, for all she ever wants to do – it seems – is score Brownie points with the rest of the Conservative Party.


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