An Alternative New Year’s Message

Things need to change. (Photo is of a model homeless man that's been set up in Truro Cathedral.)

As we move from the arbitrary year of 2011 to the following arbitrary year of 2012, I would like to take this moment to reflect on what has happened and look to the year ahead. Despite some of the steps forward humanity has taken this year, we’ve seem to have taken more backwards. At an alarming speed, the advances in equality and constitutional rights that many countries have made over the last two centuries are being eroded, all due to money. Continue reading


Skyrim is not my Game of the Year


It was all kinda going well until...

Since Boxing Day I have been knee deep in dragons, draugr and dremora, as I ventured through the wilds and lost ruins of Skyrim (the Xbox 360 version). While at first being one of my favourite Christmas presents, this past day has seen the game increasingly get on my nerves. The issues I have found within the game leave it far from my idea of being Game of the Year.

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Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy and why I like it

I've always found this game quite gripping.

There will be spoilers ahead, so like, stop reading if you’ve never played the game and don’t want anything spoiled for you.

While one of the most cinematic games of recent times that most will instantly refer you to is either this year’s L.A. Noire by Team Bondi or Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream, I will probably point you in the direction of Quantic Dream’s far less recent Fahrenheit (also called Indigo Prophecy in the US). If it’s not reminding me of Christmas, I like to think of it as being one of the great examples of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” in terms of what happens over the course of the game’s story.

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Not reassured by new details regarding Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Mr Scratch.

You know how I posted yesterday that I wasn’t too enthralled by the looks of the new Alan Wake’s American Nightmare trailer? Well, an interview with Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne turned up on VG247 today. I’m even more worried now. Continue reading

Unsure what to think of the upcoming Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

The sequel will be heading straight to XBLA supposedly.

Last week, in amongst all the gumpf to be rolled out during the VGAs, a teaser for a new Alan Wake game was plopped onto the Internet. Titled Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, this apparently (future) straight to XBLA release will see good ol’ Alan trying to deal with Mr Scratch who’s a side of Alan that’s gained a life of its own. Certainly, things weren’t looking too healthy in the first game’s DLC, with Alan splitting off left, right and centre.

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