Marvel Zombies is perhaps one of the scariest zombie franchises I’ve ever read


I read, watch and play a lot of stuff in the err, zombie sub-genre of horror. But this evening I was actually horrified by what happened in the first part of the Marvel Zombies saga, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. This was my first encounter with the franchise.

And I think I may be having nightmares tonight.

If you don’t want any spoilers, you may just want to stop reading now.

The zombies in Walking Dead are creatures that, if real, you’d stand a fair chance getting the hell away from or making fully dead. There’s nothing super about them. They’re a dangerous pain in the ass and that’s it.

But in Marvel Zombies, the infection hits super powered humans first. Humans could probably become infected, but the flesh hunger driven super humans don’t leave survivors in their wake. They also liked infecting others and were still quite intelligent.

It’s a super powered cannibalistic feeding frenzy.

And I found it absolutely terrifying. Why? Well, as a horror fan the main way I get through most horror films is by rationalizing the events that occur, mainly from a survivor perspective. While I refrain from shouting at cinema screens, I’m always thinking of ways the protagonists could survive.

I’m still terrified, but I can use the rationalizing coping mechanism to stop myself from being traumatized by it. But with Marvel Zombies, I couldn’t see ways for the protagonists to survive and so I was scared by it. The only way I could cope with it was reminding myself that it wasn’t real.

Lots of people have zombie apocalypse plans these days, yet in the case of super powered zombies – no one wins.

Now I just need to get my hands on part two…


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