Playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – my second day in Hyrule


Continuing on from my starting off post of yesterday… I’m not sure how many times I died today. It’s not like I’m playing on Master Quest, but inbetween seeing double and getting lost in the dungeon home to King Dodongo… I died a lot.


At least I didn’t have too much trouble sneaking into Hyrule castle to see Zelda.(Definitely better at sneaking than combat in games.) Found it a little weird that I/Link had to put my faith in Zelda’s suspicions about Ganondorf. Princess or not, she’s only a kid like Link after all.


At one point I decided to see if the rumours surrounding Cucoo abuse were true… that’s right, I went and attacked a Cucoo… I regretted it instantly as every one of them in the village I was in and then some came in for the kill. I will not be doing that again in a hurry.


But there were the more satisfying moments where I kicked the ass of enemies that I didn’t have to go near. And the even more satisfying moments where I solved puzzles for myself without Paul’s help – like knowing to use the slingshot to get rid of rings of fire or setting off a chain reaction with a bunch of bomb flowers.


In a way I suppose The Legend of Zelda series is good for teaching a sort of “gaming literacy”, with tactics and puzzle solving. Certainly, it’s the first game in a while to make me contemplate its in game logic – do I light the torches? Do I need to move this block? Where are the guards patrolling? – All things that supposedly more adult games use on a less symbolic level.


I managed to complete my second dungeon today. Like I said at the beginning, I died a great deal. Thankfully I had managed to get hold of a jar so at least I could capture fairies. Weirdly, the second boss fight went smoother than most of the dungeon.


I hope I get to play a bit more tomorrow, but I’m busy filming stuff. I assume saving Hyrule isn’t a good enough of an excuse to get out of filming. Sigh.


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