Playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – my first day in Hyrule


Hiya, I’ve never played through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before. I’ve never completed a Zelda game. Please don’t hate me. Y’know, better late than never and all that jazz. Paul recently got his hands on a 3DS and buying the 3D version of Ocarina is his first game for the Nintendo handheld.

Paul completed the game last week and now I’m giving it a go.(Hence this blog post’s title.) He’s completed the original N64 version many times, so playing it on the 3DS was a whole nostalgia thing for him.

But for me…

My first day in Hyrule went kind of okay. After that whole freaky nightmare business and Navi showing up, I set about trying to see the Deku tree. Finding out that I’d need to get my hands on a sword and shield reminded me of previous experiences of playing through the Metroid Prime games.

I’ve never really liked having to go kit hunting, but I went along with it even though it meant spending forty Rupees on a shield. I felt like I was being ripped off by the store owner.

Paul had to help me find the Kokiri sword. And I liked playing around with the View mode and being able to twist the 3DS around to view Link’s surroundings.

Once I was kitted out, I headed for the Deku tree. Not use to even the simplest of dungeons, going beneath the tree was a confusing experience as I grappled with the game’s logic of flammable cobwebs and enemies that could only be damaged from one side. I died once, due to not switching between the sling shot and my sword quickly enough.

Once I’d finally made my way down to Queen Ghoma’s lair, I already knew what to do as Paul had helpfully mumbled about hitting it in the eye using the sling shot and then going in with the sword. Pathetically, I had been having problems holding the left shoulder button in order to target enemies and it took me a while to successfully take down Ghoma because of this.

With the battle won (didn’t die here), it was off to talk to the Deku tree once more. I was expecting for Link to be told he was the right guy for helping to save Hyrule, but I was surprised when the Deku tree went and died. Maybe even a little sad. My surprise was at a mentor figure dying in what is essentially the first act of the game.

Now, I had been trying to play the game in full 3D mode. But I had to keep switching in and out of it. My brain didn’t want to keep the image as one a lot of the time, despite how I angled the 3DS I kept seeing double.

I think I’ll keep playing, though I’m going to have to work on my targeting.


One thought on “Playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – my first day in Hyrule

  1. I haven’t play zelda ocarina of time 3D yet but I will tomorrow. I play zelda once in N64 before, I do not like the graphics, I hope that this version of zelda have more graphic then the last version in N64

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